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    Okay. I have content. Let me know if I should provide it tonight or not.
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    These are some questions that people might have regarding Pacific HVAC Corp. We try to answer some of these questions up front to allow people prior knowledge before contacting us. What is Pacific HVAC Corp, and what do you do? Pacific HVAC Corp is a contracting company for building construction for piping. We provide our clients with copper piping for plumbing, water, and other utilities. We operate under the umbrella of contacting manufacturers, installers and suppliers to streamline the process for our clients. Where can I contact you for any inquiries? The website has a contact page for questions comments or concerns regarding any plans. We're always happy and willing to respond to your messages, so thank you for taking the time to write them. How can I reach the CEO directly? Our CEO @Jessica has an account on the website. If you wish you reach her, feel free to email us on our contact page or give her a call: 1 (516) 567-0391. Where are you currently operating? We currently are operated within New York, Long island. How many team members are currently involved? We're currently a team of two however we're looking to expand our business as the demand arises. This is excluding our contacts. Where are you sanctioned? Nassau County.