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Front Page - Progress

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JULY 18th 12:41pm

As it were, I've noticed we have the website up and running accordingly however I would like to present the website with a front page. This task always seems to be the most difficult as it serves as the face of the site. I've been actively developing and looking for inspiration to provide the site an uplift that it needs. It's front page has yet to be made public however, with more time and adjustments I can find the front page to be ready soon. Tailoring the site won't be easy as once again the face of the website has to be perfect. As it stands, the forums is our main page which does provide the user experience information however, I find that most of the sub categories are obscured and difficult to navigate. With this next update, my aim is to provide the experience more user friendly being more direct. Thanks to the feedback from the CEO, I'll be ready push the update once I get the go ahead. Thank you for your support to those who wish to contact us about features.

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