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Progress Update

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JULY 2nd 11:37pm

Our company has recently been approved for the Nassau County permits, necessary for providing contract work throughout. It has been addressed that the website needed to be search engine friendly and now it's setup according. We've also installed Google Analytics as well. We're working continuously to bring the company the spot light it deserves. As for future projects, it's being processed through our R&D pipeline that has been extended into a weekly update.

So far a lot of preparation has been made so that this startup can become a success. We were able to minimize our operation costs up to 47% from our competitors which is a significant margin. We're also looking to track stock ticker information on the website from essential materials to provide our clients all of the information under one roof. We are always looking for feedback so once again our contact page is located on the top navigation bar for easy access.

This month is important for myself and the company as it serves as a turning point. We're looking to start broadcasting more information regarding our business practice as well as our approach. Streamlining the site experience is my department, however there will be a future update on information regarding the company itself. That will be put up any day by @Jessica.

As the primary web designer it is important to realize the interests of those who use our platform as well as to create an accurate life line which is the site. Under the umbrella of Pacific HVAC Corp, we're looking to expand our horizons by any means. If you find that your in need of a dedicated, low-cost provider for installations of pipelines within a building project, our team of experts is in direct contact with us.

Once again, I will follow up on JULY 6th which is a deadline for updates regarding the company itself. We want to provide everyone direct information regarding the company so we've set that date to fill in any blanks.

Thank you to those of you who have supported the project, we're looking to continue expanding our outreach so please don't hesitate to email us at [email protected] Happy 4th of July as well.

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